Kim T. Gordon, leading expert in small business success


Bringing Home the Business

The 30 Truths Every
Home Business Owner
Must Know

By Kim T. Gordon

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Each chapter presents one of thirty "truths" -- vital concepts that, once learned, will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. And Bringing Home the Business is filled with stories of successful home business owners in a fascinating range of fields nationwide. Read a truth per day, and just one month from now you'll know how to:

  • Position your business and create a high-quality image.
  • Select a unique niche market.
  • Develop prospect lists, build leads, and write terrific sales letters.
  • Choose the right strategies and budget for your marketing program.
  • Create sales and marketing tools that motivate prospects.
  • Uncover objections and close more sales.
  • Safely buy advertising and select direct mail lists.
  • Adopt PR tactics that get you noticed.
  • Polish your public speaking skills.
  • Win referrals and use strategic partnerships.
  • Use the Internet to market your business.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Positively involve family in your business.
  • Live and work successfully under the same roof.




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