Kim T. Gordon, leading expert in small business success

Choose the Right Small Business Spokesperson

Do you have an important product or service message to communicate to the owners of small through medium-size businesses? Kim T. Gordon, is an experienced and respected expert you can count on. Her magazine columns, online columns, and books reach millions of SMBs nationwide every month, making her an ideal spokesperson. From message development through television and radio tours and endorsements, Kim will provide a strong link in the chain between you and your target audience.

A professional and polished interviewee, Kim has appeared frequently on major broadcast and cable televisions networks (including CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and ABC) and on TV affiliates in every major market; on twenty-one major radio networks (including the Wall Street Journal and the Business Radio Networks) in addition to independent stations throughout the country; in newspaper interviews from the Los Angeles Times to the Washington Post; and in numerous major magazines from Newsweek to Business Week.

Clients have included Visa, Sprint, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel Networks, (formerly Interland), eBay, the Oxygen Television Network, and Canon.

As your spokesperson, Kim will work with you to develop a message that appeals to your segment of the small-business market. Then, she'll weave your message into a media platform packed with how-to information for the target audience, and a hook that will appeal to media producers and hosts. Kim will put her knowledge of the small-business market to work along with your public relations department, agency, and/or booking company to ensure the media alert is a winner that will produce the maximum number of bookings possible.

Television and radio tours are typically conducted on separate days. With Kim's television background, it's not uncommon to successfully complete twenty or more interviews in a four-hour period. Clients often ask Kim to write a bylined mat release in column format that incorporates the information from the media platform in order to gain even wider coverage by carrying their message into print and online media.

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  "The number of radio airings was pretty phenomenal, ranking up there with our larger announcements with 3500 hits on stations across the country. This was due in large part to Kim Gordon's fine presentation and spokesperson skills... The TV tour also performed well, with 42 airings on roughly 30 total stations. I think you'll see from the enclosed tapes what a great job Kim did in getting in our product messaging and sticking to the plan of seamlessly weaving in our messages unobtrusively as part of the story. In some really notable cases Kim did an excellent job of leading the interviewers back to the subjects she wanted to discuss when they strayed."

Results: 18.4 million impressions via radio and television

Steve Lunceford, Sprint

"I just wanted to follow up with Kim on the Associated Press Radio interview and say thank you again. Her interviews go exceptionally well, and I'm so very impressed with how easily she works in the client's messaging."

Marissa Puthoff, Edelman Public Relations

"On behalf of the eBay Business & Industrial team, we would like to thank Kim Gordon for the wonderful job she did as our spokesperson for eBay's Small Business Week radio tour. We were very pleased with the results. Kim was great! All of the key messages were eloquently and tightly woven into the interviews. We think the tips and examples Kim delivered work great for listeners, and the facts and stats helped reinforce our messaging.The result: 6.5 million impressions and more than 3000 airings.

Jennifer Chu, eBay Inc.

"This mornings SMB satellite television tour was a success. Kim Gordon connected with 15 stations and conducted a generic interview for wider distribution. Kim was even smoother than on the radio tour, consistently working Nortel Networks, Unified Networks, and the 800-number into context that will help promote segment use. Highlights included crisp interviews with CONUS All News Channel, stations in Los Angeles, Boston and Detroit, and a great live interview on the "Minding Your Business" segment on the Indianapolis Fox affiliate.

Ashley Blaker, Fleischman-Hillard



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